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Is your wholesale department maximising every opportunity?

It's no secret that wholesale has been plagued by different forms of manipulation and "under the table" tactics over the years. Giving preferential treatment to particular buyers indirectly enables them to dictate pricing which has the potential to significantly impact profitability.

Dealer Trade eliminates the potential for under the table tactics by offering all vehicles to large audiences simultaneosly which creates a level playing field. Our platform also provides complete transparency across all dealings, so you can be certain you're receiving true, unbiased results.

Over the past 3 years, Dealer Trade has built a national audience of over 2600 motor dealers and wholesalers. This means we can help grow your wholesale network and safeguard you for the future.

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What our members are saying:

In January, 2017 we made the decision to utilise Dealer Trade to streamline our wholesale process and to achieve higher prices for our vehicles. As a result, Dealer Trade has removed ambiguity with wholesale buyers, achieved higher prices per unit sold and exponentially expanded our customer database. Originally we were selling our wholesale vehicles to just six or so local wholesalers. The Dealer Trade system introduced us to a much wider audience of buyers and allowed us to grow our buyer network significantly. We now have a database of 240 customers and growing. Dealer Trade has also exposed our stock to other retail dealerships, which in turn has achieved higher prices compared to if we were still just selling to traditional wholesalers. The staff at Dealer Trade have been fantastic to work with and I would have no hesitation recommending the Dealer Trade online auction platform to any automotive group looking to create and efficient and effective wholesale process.

Shaun Lees - General Manager & John Meekin - Wholesale Manager